Workplace Relationships
Productivity through people
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What every office absolutely NEEDS to have...

We work with companies that are looking to promote healthy workplace cultures and collaborative teams that utilise the team’s strengths. As part of this, environment is vital! It can really enhance or hinder this process and ultimately the success and profit of a company! This would be my top 7 needs when considering office space…

1.      Top priority is flexibility - a space that can be at times big enough to bring all team members together for briefings, announcements, celebrating success. Often this is a luxury…so moving walls that allow a conference room or meeting rooms to be incorporated are ideal.

2.      Small meeting rooms where team members can gather for formal or informal chats, taking the ownership of “My Office” out of a potentially difficult conversation. Communication is vital for workers to feel supported in their role and managers need to ensure they are available to support in this way.

3.      Windows with a view…not always possible, but seeing the outside world, trees or alternatively having plants and pictures with nature scene, create a calm and inviting space which is excellent for mental health and stress levels.

4.      Appropriate number of rest room facilities, with showers and changing areas – reflecting the integration of lifestyle into the workplace such as lunchtime fitness routines.

5.      Wheelchair/mobility access – plan storage and work areas so they can be easily navigated by all.

6.      A good PA system, so that people can be called together to share news at the same time - no one wants to hear about a major change via the coffee machine! It also means music can be played as a background in certain areas if appropriate.

7.      Excellent kitchen and break room facilities set up to encourage human interaction and relationships to develop – people work best when they connect to each other. This should be a relaxed environment, with resources to access well being incentives or help that is offered by the company and the wider community.

Whilst this list is by no means's a starting point. Ultimately, our guide needs to be 'creating an environment that will allow the space to be used in the way it needs to deliver the job'. By creating a workplace promotes connection between the people who work and visit it, companies are moving towards delivering at their best!