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Woman getting more influence in the workplace to get promotion. Lead teams, get people to listen to you. Develop leadership through this webinar.

Becoming influential webinar

How to increase your IMPACT at work to get the results you want.
Inspire, Lead, INFLUENCE...


  • The 6 fundamentals when trying to influence.

  • The 9 different strategies that work to influence and when it is best to use them.

  • How to use the Workplace Relationships' Influence Planning Tool to effectively plan for any high stake situation.


Workers with Mental Health

ebook free, receiving feedback

Enhance your feedback relationships ebook series: book 2 - receiving feedback

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Enhance your feedback relationships ebook series: book 1 - giving feedback


Find Out:

  • Why Workplace Culture is vital when recruiting AND retaining employees.

  • The BIGGEST mistake employers make when dealing with staff.

  • Strategies for improving culture and engagement immediately!

Annual report into worksafe, mental health, fairwork

Worksafe’s annual report 2018 - insights in trends and changes

Use the planning document to plan your influence

Workplace Relationships’ Influence Planning Tool

Tips on stress for the workplace to help you to help your employees.


Employee Engagement assessment

Take the Workplace Relationships Employee Engagement Self-Assessment for insights about your employees’ likely engagement levels.