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Productivity Through People


Looking to improve your productivity, revenue and profit? We are experts at getting the best out of workplaces by developing you and your people. Ask us how we can help you!


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Productivity Through People

Workplace Relationships is dedicated to helping you build positive relationships throughout your organisation. Research proves that by investing in your most significant asset - your workforce - sickness reduces, staff retention is improved, recruitment costs are reduced and best of all…productivity is improved!

Put this alongside enhanced customer satisfaction, and you have a winning company!

Two people looking at an apple computer, showing how to work collaboratively. Improve your team to improve your profit. Access training solutions to you problems. Get better results. Improve workplace culture.


Workplaces are changing - generations X, Y and Z are the new leaders within the multi-generational workforce as Baby Boomers are retiring. Managing this cross-generational workforce can create challenges, and the best companies are facing this head on. More…


Work-related mental health conditions (also known as psychological injuries) have become a major concern in Australian workplaces due to the negative impact on individual employees, and the costs associated with the long periods away from work that are typical of these claims. More…

STRESS MANAGEMENT / Resilience training

Stress becomes an occupational hazard if it adversely impacts on safety and health in the workplace. Often, there is confusion between challenge and stress in the workplace and whilst challenge at work can have positive effects on people, work related stress is an OHS hazard that can pose risks to psychological and physical health. More…

leadership coaching - CREATING LEADERS THAT LEAD

We can provide training and coaching for your leadership team to ensure they are leading their teams rather than just managing. More…

Employee engagement - understanding millennials

Staff leaving are costing businesses money in recruitment and then training the new employee in their role. If you have a high staff turn over this can be indicative of a problem with your company’s culture. More…

Strengths Profiling assessments

By know, using and developing our strengths we can make significant improvements to productivity (research showing over 30% increases in some cases), but we can also see how to ensure we look after our health in the pursuit of our work needs. Our internationally recognised assessment More…


Team high-five , collaborative and teamwork improved. Problem solved. Workplace relationships improved.
If you want to make change begin by making culture...Culture beats strategy - so much so that culture is strategy
— Seth Godin, 'This is marketing'
Employees looking at the project’s timeline and discussing developments. Improved employee engagement. Smiling, friendly exchange. Workplace relationships improving outcomes



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