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Jo O’Donovan - Founder

Leadership and team expert / chief workplace detoxer

Having had the experience of working in both fantastic and toxic workplaces I have turned my attention to leadership, teamwork and workplace culture. I am passionate at bringing relationships into the heart of the workplace to ensure that the valuable time spent in at work is in an environment that values each employee and their contribution to the organisation. This, in turn, increases the productivity and the bottom line of the business!

In Business, I have played a significant role in establishing positive team cultures and practices to ensure that the very best was achieved by highly effective teams, often in challenging circumstances. I’ve run workshops on culture, living the company values and mental health. I have worked with companies with multiple bases and remote employees and understand the challenges of engagement and culture within this structure.

Before moving to full-time coaching, my background includes over 15 years in Educational leadership. I have extensive experience of working with students from diverse backgrounds in the use of Mindfulness, positive self-talk and working on building resilience. I have led and supported teams with a range of ages, skills and experiences to implement a changing curriculum to be reflective of the learning needs of 21st century learners.

As well as post-grad studies in Education, I have completed a courses in Coaching at Monash University, the highly acclaimed 'Critical Conversations' Training, Tony Robbins Business Coaching Graduate, an NLP Practitioner, ICF Trained Coach and Strengths Profiling Accredited Practitioner .

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Tania Menaham

Stress Management Expert

We all have stress in our lives and to some degree we need it as it can act as a motivator. No-one is immune to stress. We all have it at some time and some will have it more than others. It’s what we do about it that really matters. My passion for assisting people with stress management has only grown over the years and I truly believe that with the right mindset, information, knowledge and understanding we are all capable of living healthier and calmer lives.

My coaching style is informative and I would like to think fun. I am not about embarrassing people or chanting however, I do believe that the sharing of information is both productive and beneficial. My approach has been described by clients as professional, passionate and personable.

I have over twenty years’ experience within the corporate and financial sectors providing a professional consultative approach to my clients across a broad spectrum of business. I have developed original programs to meet the specific requirements of my clients adapting to all levels of the workforce from the trainee to the CEO. I hold qualifications in Business specific to Stress Management including a Diploma as a Professional Stress Consultant and Corporate and Professional Management and registered as an Associate Member of the Associated Stress Consultants, a certificate in OHS Consultation, a Body Massage Certificate by the International Health and Beauty Council, Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and an Associate of the Chartered Management Institute.


Workplace Relationships collaborates with a team of consultants and coaches in order to find the right person to deliver to you specific needs.

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Jane Zeeher

Wellness Educator / Leadership Trainer

With a rich and varied background of Corporate and Entrepreneurial workplaces I have crystallised my passion down to “Personal Responsibility”. It’s no secret that employees who feel valued are more productive, stay longer & contribute more to their workplaces. For the business management structure to enable employees to be self-actualised the employees need to take on being personally responsible for delivering upon the Corporate values & vision. My passion is working with organisations and teams to bridge the gap between where their stated Vision & Values are on paper, or some plaque, to where they are embodied throughout the organisation, ensuring that the Physical, Mental & Emotional health of every member of the organisation is respected.

Aside from developing, training and leading teams, my career has been characterised by my ability to develop productive business relationships, identify market opportunities, introduce operational improvements, lead by example and engage with the community. I have a passion for and demonstrated ability to create educational programs to train, motivate and influence others. I have been fortunate to work with some cutting-edge technologies and have enjoyed the challenge of introducing brands to a potentially sceptical market, only to have them emerge as iconic brands. My objective in moving to Wellness Coaching was to facilitate individuals to be the best versions of themselves possible however this was frequently stymied by the environment they found themselves in the majority of their time, their workplace. This has led to me joining Jo in bringing the principles of wellness coaching to the next level – creating Wellness throughout organisations by ensuring relationships are integrous.

From my initial degree in Business I have done post-graduate training in NLP (Practitioner Level); Cert IV in Training; Universal Coaching with highly respected Business Coach Maureen Pound; Diploma in Health Sciences and these are just the major milestones along a constantly evolving love of learning & development. My current passion is in the mind-body-spirit connection and how we create our own reality!


Brian Klindworth

Career Coach and life strategist

Brian Klindworth has helped hundreds of people transition to their next professional challenge with over 10 years Coaching and Recruitment experience. Having been made redundant four times himself he is sensitive to the lived experience of having a forced career transition and the opportunities and pain that is typical associated with it. Brian has successfully transitioned across four different careers including working as both an employee and business owner.

Employers chose to engage Brian when resizing as he provides an the employee with an opportunity to transition to a purpose driven and holistic life design, with an aim to create a sustainable life of success and contentment.

Individuals consult with Brian to help them transition to a workplace where they are fulfilled and is in tune with their overall life goals.

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