Workplace Relationships
Productivity through people
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How To Influence - 7 strategies

Do you want more impact at work to inspire, lead or persuade? Learn my 7 strategies for having high stakes conversations go your way... Sign up for the FREE webinar to go more in depth on these strategies, get the Influence Planning Tool and understand the fundamentals to consider when trying to influence.


 To get the best out of people, it's all about TRUST!

Have you been under-valued? Never allowed or trusted to do your job to your true potential? Why are you as the leader are at risk if you don't address a toxic workplace.



Jo talks about her 'why' as she explains how Future workplaces need to embrace the human element - employee and customer - if they are going to survive!

Influence - the 6 Fundamentals


The Future of the workplace - Melbourne

Listen to Jo explain how a change in leadership changed her life, and why she thinks the future of the workplace depends on leaders embracing their people, and technology!.